January Recap and Upcoming Goals

Our Uber Frugal Month Challenge (hosted by the wonderful blog Frugalwoods) is officially over, and I must say, it was a huge success. We stuck to the “rules” and had no unnecessary spending. Though our savings rate did increase a bit, largely due to not eating or drinking anything during the month of January that … Continue reading January Recap and Upcoming Goals

Friends & Finances

Coming into our No Spend Year challenge (we’ll call it the NSY for short), I was super excited to get started. Even though I stay at home with our toddler (and soon-to-be newborn) and, thus, don’t contribute to our income in a tangible, numerical sense, I am the one responsible for paying the bills, planning … Continue reading Friends & Finances

Let the Adventures Begin!

Welcome to Adventures in Frugality! The purpose of this blog is essentially to document my family’s journey trying to live simply, save big, and enjoy every moment of it. This year will be a little different because we are doing a No Spend Year. What is a No Spend Year, you might ask? Despite what … Continue reading Let the Adventures Begin!